The classic pneumatic DIN SHEV fitting system

The JET FIREJET® 165J SHEV fitting system is a certified system for preventive fire protection, which can be ideally harmonised with JET light domes, JET dark flaps and JET VARIO light flaps.

The pneumatic system guarantees safe and efficient smoke and heat exhaust for a variety of use situations and is certified according to DIN EN 12101-2. Functional expansion can also be executed by utilising appropriate accessories, such as e.g. ventilation drive units. The JET NSHEV´s can therefore be optimally adapted to individual requirements.

Suitable for all JET upstands, the opening is executed via the integrated CO2 pneumatic cylinder. You can select between the OPEN or OPEN/CLOSE function for these.

  • CO2 Pneumatic cylinder (only OPEN)
  • CO2 Pneumatic cylinder (OPEN/CLOSE optional)
  • Suitable for all JET upstand models
    (for RAK upstands (maximum aerodynamic) and inclined upstands (EURO geometry)
  • JET dome rooflights / JET VARIO light flaps/ JET dark flaps
  • Ventilation possibilities:
    Electric ventilation (230V) or pneumatic ventilation (compressed air) à(optional)
  • Available in nominal dimensions (RAK geometry / EURO geometry)100 x 100 cm up to 200 x 300 cm (partly dependent on fittings)
Re: 50 50
WL: 1,500 2,000
SL: 500 50
T: (00) (-05)
Aa-Value: Dependent on nominal dimensions
Fire Class: B30030-E


  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

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