Fall-through protection systems for GRILLODUR®

GRILLODUR® continuous rooflights are fundamentally designed as fall-through safe. In order toguarantee maximum safety even when the continuous rooflight flaps are open, they can be equipped with additional fall-through protection systems to provide maximum protection for people workingon the roof.

Utilising the GRILLODUR® DSG fall-through protection system in the area of the opened GRILLODUR® continuous rooflight flaps protects against people or larger objects falling through during assembly, installation and maintenance work as an additional fall arrest facility. As they prevent afall from the initial stage, they also significantly reduce the risk of injury. They can be installed ex-factory or during retrofitting on site.

The effectiveness of the SHEV flaps is completely retained even when utilised in SHEV systems. With the corresponding certification according to GS-BAU-18 (fundamental principles for testing and certifying the required walk-on protection or fall-through protection for components during construction or installation work), the GRILLODUR® DSG fall-through protection fulfils the highest-possible requirements of the Employer´s Liability Insurance Association of the building industry.