Ventria flap for SHEV and ventilation

The VENTRIA flaps from VELUX Commercial have been successfully tried and tested in applications for ventilation and smoke exhaust as a flap to be integrated into roofs with a roof pitch from 0° to 90°, as single flap or double flap. It comprises high-quality aluminium profiles, and is not only suitable for qualified smoke and heat exhaust, but also for the daily aeration and ventilation. The circumferential thermal separation also guarantees very good insulating properties.

Furthermore, the VENTRIA flap, in addition to its attractive appearance and the variety of models, is equipped with a wide range of application options. Actuation of the flap can be carried out electrically or pneumatically as required. Due to its narrow visible widths, the flap also guarantees very good light yield.

Additional advantages of the ventilation and smoke exhaust flaps are demonstrated by their high airtightness, air permeability and driving rain tightness, as well as their very good resistancecapability to wind loads.

The VENTRIA 3 flap can be used not only as a tilting and folding flap, but also as a pivoting flap.