FIREJET® 165J 24 V/48 V AZ dome rooflight

The pioneer of electric DIN SHEV fittings

Safe, secure, high-performance capable and comfortable: The FIREJET® 165J SA 24 V/48 V AZ DIN SHEV fittings are certified systems for preventive fire protection which have proven themselves in practice.

They are particularly high performance, e.g. with snow loads, and have an integrated ventilationfunction and OPEN/CLOSE function. The ventilation can be actuated electrically or pneumatically as desired. The NSHEV's can be optimally adapted to individual requirements.

They are delivered completely ready for installation for particularly quick assembly. The fittings are suitable for utilisation in all VELUX Commercial upstand models and are tested and certified accordingto DIN EN 12101-2.

  • 24V / 48V electrical SHEV fitting
  • Ventilation possibilities: electric or pneumatic (inclusive)
  • Maximum nominal dimension 150 x 250 cm
  • Maximum Aa value: 2.74 m2
  • Maximum snow load SL: 2,600
  • Temperature class T: (-15)
  • Fire Class: B30030-E
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

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