Electric SHEV systems for effective smoke and heat ventilation in double flaps

The VARIO-THERM DK 95° 24V/48V can be ordered to equip the VELUX Commercial double flaps in VARIO-NORM or VARIO-THERM continuous rooflights for smoke and heat exhaust. The associated 24V or 48V SHEV control centre unit ensures that the double flaps open safely in the event of a fire, thereby protecting human lives and property.

This system is also excellently suited for the ventilation function. The particularly quiet motor hardly produces any interfering noises, so it is recommended in presentation rooms, for example car dealerships or meeting places. This ensures a healthy room climate for an increased well-being of those inside.

The system is equipped with a function as a natural smoke and heat exhaust device and is tested and certified according to DIN EN 12101-2. The advantage compared to a pneumatic alternative lies in the fact that accidental triggering of the SHEV can be corrected immediately.

  • SHEV opener fitting system for VELUX Commercial double flaps in VARIO-NORM or VARIO-THERM continuous rooflights
  • Control via 24V/48V SHEV central control units
  • Deliverable in dimensions from 200x100 cm up to 300x204 cm
  • Maximum Aa Value: 4.7 m2
  • Snow load: SL 800
  • Wind load: WL 1500
  • Temperature class: T (-15)
  • Function safety: Re 1000 Model B with double function
  • Thermal resistance: B300-30-E
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings