VELUX Commercial


For greater safety on flat roofs

The tried and tested LK-DSD fall-through protection system provides effective protection against falling through and, at the same time, has a burglar-resistant effect. It can be assembled directly on the trapezoidal sheet metal at the construction site so that it has an immediate effect and quicker net spanning is possible.

Testing and certification are carried out in accordance with GS-BAU-18 (fall-through protection for construction components). Also with regard to DIN 4426: 2017-01 and ASR (Workplace Safety Regulations) A2.1, the system fulfils all requirements and thereby provides you with maximum safety on the roof. In this way, you are also in compliance with all strict legal requirements.

  • Punched grid as accessory for all VELUX Commercial upstands (assembled under flange simultaneously with upstand)
  • Combination with SHEV central unit is possible
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings