One net fits all
So easy works the installation of the LK-DDN

The retrofittable LK-DDN (Dynamic fall-through protection net) for light domes not only offers maximum safety on the roof, but is also extremely easy to install. The unique fixing mechanism ensures that the net automatically secures itself when screwed into place. Thanks to optimum installation documentation, installation can be carried out quickly and safely - even with fault-tolerant measurements. The net can be easily cut and adjusted on site at any time so that you can be sure that it fits perfectly on any upstand.

In conjunction with VELUX Commercial's 5-step system process for risk assessment of your roof, including load capacity testing, installation, acceptance and documentation, you benefit from a complete safety concept for your flat roof.

Logistics-optimised delivery – direct to the construction site on request

Cutting the net

Adapt net traverses to opening dimension

Aligning and installing the net brackets

Insert the net

Installation of the clamping straps

Tightening – net tensions and secures itself automatically

Installing the light dome. Done