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Maintenance and Service for your SHEV

Smoke and heat exhaust systems are safety systems for the protection of human life and property. Qualified servicing and maintenance of a SHEV plant reduces the risk of personal injury and damage to property. Legislators prescribe regular maintenance of the system to comply with this obligation. This is generally executed according to the manufacturer's specifications, but at least once per year.

Specialised technical knowledge is a legal prerequisite for reliable care and maintenance. VELUX Commercial is a certified company which fulfils all necessary requirements and supplies qualified SHEV maintenance concepts for all makes from one single source – based on 40 years of experience.

Our nationwide network of trained system technicians is always at your disposal for the timely scheduled maintenance of your plant or system. They will be able to execute professional SHEV maintenance and repair damage directly in many cases – even with systems from third-party suppliers. By concluding an individual maintenance contract with VELUX Commercial, you will receive a comprehensive service package that complies with all statutory regulations.

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To ensure that your SHEV plant can function permanently and thereby guarantee maximum safety in the event of a fire, we inspect and test all relevant components step-by-step down to the smallest detail.

Maintenance step 1: Testing for structural alterations since last inspection


Maintenance step 2: Testing the SHEV technical control system


Maintenance step 3: Testing/maintaining movable plant and system components


Maintenance step 4: Cleaning the SHEV to remove dust, deposits, residues and corrosion


Maintenance step 5: Function testing utilising test triggering


Maintenance step 6: Documentation of all maintenance steps and test results