JET Atmosphere

The Atmosphere product line with design daylight systems was specially developed for installation sites where people live, learn and work. The design of the architecture is particularly important for areas where people spend a large part of their time, in addition to a high level of natural daylight and fresh air: irrespective of whether for new construction or refurbishment in offices, administrative or residential buildings.

JET Atmosphere is part of an extensive product portfolio that we have developed especially for the requirements in these application areas. The daylight solutions combine aesthetic, energetic as well as functional aspects – e.g. the supply of natural daylight, fresh air or smoke exhaust – and thereby contribute to a comfortable and productive living and working environment.

The different design variants such as flat roof windows and dome rooflights provide a wide range of solutions for specific requirements. Even greater comfort is provided by equipment options with shading, light control systems or automated ventilation options. The use for stairwell smoke exhaust according to LBO can also be implemented. As such, it is equipped with a 24V drive.

We would be pleased to provide you with comprehensive information regarding our individual products and their possible uses, including in the areas of SHEV and ventilation.

JET Flat Roof Window