JET dome rooflights, special designs

When you have very special requirements for your project, then you are sure to find the right product in our special dome rooflight designs.

For example, the JET BLACK-TOP darkening dome with an external skin made from PMMA and SHEV function. Or the JET PET-TOP dome rooflight made from flame-retardant material in accordance with fire class B1. In addition, our range of special dome rooflight designs comprises the JET VARIO light flap for use as a ventilation flap, as well as the fall-through safe JET ALU darkening flap as a SHEV solution.

We will be pleased to advise you regarding the selection of the right solution for your flat roof.

Product range dome rooflights-special designs

JET PET-TOP dome rooflight double-skinned

JET BLACK-TOP dome rooflight double-skinned

JET VARIO light flap

JET aluminium darkening flap WD-40 dome rooflight

JET aluminium darkening flap WD-80 dome rooflight

JET aluminium darkening flap WD-80-S dome rooflight